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Find the thread of your life with
SOULtexture il massaggio originale coi tessuti. A Padova
- Let fabrics massage you -
I help women who want to regain control over their life through an energetic and bodily experience

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Are you always rushing and can’t seem to find time for yourself?

Do you find it hard to delegate?

Have you reached unacceptable levels of stress?

Do you face your day feeling alone?

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SOULtexture, il massaggio coi tessuti

SOULtexture, il massaggio coi tessuti

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SOULtexture, il massaggio coi tessuti promo

SOULtexture, il massaggio coi tessuti promo

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SOULtexture. La trama dell'anima

SOULtexture. La trama dell'anima

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Il cammino dell'anima

Il cammino dell'anima

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Our hectic lifestyle often leads us to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, hard feelings and feelings of loss we haven’t completely got over.


We then start losing track of our dreams and the capacity to really enjoy our free time and TRULY feel free.


If you have the feeling that your life isn’t really fulfilling, don’t let it get to you… give this treatment a chance!

Stefania Franceschini ideatrice di SOULtexture il massaggio coi tessuti

I am Stefania Franceschini, the creator and founder of SOUL Texture.

I’m a holistic healer, a professional masseuse; a life designer specialized in oncological coaching.

I have understood in my personal life experience the importance of taking care of my inner child in order to become the woman I dream to be.

I’ve been frustrated for too many years; I felt inappropriate, misunderstood and not loved the way I wanted to be.
When I finally understood and forgave my inner wounds I then felt free to express myself without letting judgment aggravate me.
I am planning a TOUR in Italy to make people know SOULtexture®!
You can ask to attend or host a presentation at your holistic center.
Fill out the contact form and I will call you back within 24 hours.
I also organize training courses for pratictioners. OPERATORS LIST 
A very special path

This is a soul journey that will allow you to regain:
  • Value of time

  • Faith in your life

  • Capacity to embrace life experiences

  • Courage to walk your passion

  • Sense of freedom and lightness

Power is in lightness

SOUL Texture works on your body like a massage, but special fabrics replace the human touch.

A very original technique where fabrics brushing against your skin go deep into that core that you haven’t been in touch with for the longest time.

TLC for your soul!

SOUL Texture brings your body and your nervous system to a forgotten place of total wellbeing. You will feel cuddled and nourished as a baby.


The fabrics utilized for this sensorial manipulation are exclusively certified natural fibres.


The fibres have different colours and textures to be more efficient on different parts of the body.

A selected soundtrack at 432Mhz will rock you throughout the treatment


Energetic rebalance guaranteed!

Bring lightness and depth to your life!

Stefania Franceschini ideatrice di SOULtexture il massaggio coi tessuti
With live music

On request, you can have a special session with live extemporaneus composition by Michele Bargigia ( GiottoComposer )

Two arts that sublimate each other.

The psychologist’s point of view

“What a strange organ is our skin. I wouldn’t hesitate to define skin as the ‘Self organ’ as described by Freud (contact barrier and psychic shell) E. Brick (psychic skin) and D’Anzieu (self skin).


Albeit in slightly different ways these three important psychoanalysts have theorized the creation of the human sense of Self and the distinction between inner and outer matter through the psychic representation of the physical surface and the contact with it.

Touching the skin somehow ‘shuts’ the shell and avoids dispersing its inner content.


This is why embracing, caressing and massaging are so important and nurturing for children and adults all the same.

But who wouldn’t appreciate the soft brushing of a feather or finger tips on their back?

This is a very different sensation altogether.

This sensation doesn’t shut but rather raises one from oneself to that dimension where the difference between oneself and the other isn’t clearly cut anymore.

What is going to happen to your Ego considering Bick’s Psychic skin or Anzieu’s Self skin? It will stay suspended, open and undefined, lying in wait of…something better.

I find this technique extraordinary! Why? Because it amplifies this sensation, allowing the whole body to perceive this new feeling.

We will feel lighter, emptied and less separated from the rest.


Only one warning, it’s not suitable for psychotic individuals.”


Dr Stefania Grazzini, psychologist

SOULtexture®: a new experience!